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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Social media is not going anywhere.  It has become an ingrained part of modern life with over 80% of UK adults engaging with a social media account and 96% of thirty somethings using it on a daily basis. Brands have harnessed this trend and are using social media to get closer to their customers, with 91% of brands using at least 2 platforms.

However, some businesses can be wary, questioning if it is worth it. Managed effectively, social media can add huge value to your business. Here are just a few of the reasons companies are getting on board…


No one likes to be sold to. The most effective marketing starts a conversation with the customer and shows them the benefit of the product without explicitly telling them to buy it. Put simply, people love to communicate and this is why social media is such a powerful marketing strategy. If you bring your customers into your story and place them centre stage, they become loyal brand advocates who help to share your message. Building a community through social media will galvanise your customer base and is a positive force for brand.


Before launching marketing campaigns, successful brands create fictional customers in order to consider the sort of person who will buy their product, helping them to pitch towards the right demographic.

Some companies pay agencies thousands of pounds to do this, however social media can provide you with this crucial information for a fraction of the cost. By using social media analytics software, we can find out exactly who is engaging with your content online. This will tell you key information about your customer base allowing you to target them further or adapt your approach to attract new business.


Companies invest heavily in creating the perfect website to advertise their product or service, often using expensive graphics, images and copy to promote their brand. However, it’s pointless having a great website if no one knows it exists! We consider your website as your virtual shop window with social media acting as a signpost, directing your customers to that shop and enticing them to come and have a good look around!

Your social media should keep your potential customers updated with key developments, establishing brand personality and building brand recognition. It’s also worth considering that the more people who click onto your website, the higher your ranking will become on Google.


Maintaining a strong social media presence is one of the simplest ways you can build your company’s reputation with new and existing customers. This is one of the most important aspects of marketing for a growing company.

Very simply put, a company without a strong brand presence will only have limited growth. Social media is an excellent branding tool and should reinforce the core values, goals, attitudes and identity that you share with your customers.


Whilst on social media, you will be able to monitor your competitors and see the direction they are heading in. Being aware of what similar companies are doing will help keep your finger on the pulse and aware of what is happening in the wider industry.


To find out more about how social media can build your brand and exceed your business goals, get in contact here!

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