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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

For many businesses social media is the thing you know you need to do but just don't quite get around to it! At Booji we're passionate about its impact on businesses; that's why we've found 5 social media statistics you need to read and show your boss. Some of them might surprise you and make you seriously rethink!

1. 50% of consumers follow brands on social media to learn about new products or services

Creating entertaining and inspirational content is vital to develop engagement and show off your brand's personality. By listening and taking the time to understand your consumers you can start to appreciate why they clicked the follow button. All of this is vital to learn more about them and how you can respond to their needs and wants.

2. 71% of consumers who have a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family

For a lot of people your social media profile is the first time they've interacted with your brand. This moment should be the start of something positive! Take the time to respond to comments and messages; always giving them the same high level of customer service they would expect if you they called or walked into your shop/office.

3. When consumers follow brands on social media, 67% say they're more likely to spend with that brand

By putting your brand, product or service on social media you're potentially able to reach a far wider audience than any leaflet or newspaper feature. On average people spend 2:22 hours on social media per day! Even a small percentage of this time spent exploring your brand could improve a businesses sales, leads, etc.

4. 60.82% of the UK population are active users of social media

With such a large percentage of the UK population using and engaging with brands on social media, we ask you, can you afford not to be on it? This figure is only predicted to rise in the coming years - just think of all those potential new customers.

5. 63% of customers expect businesses to offer customer service via their social media accounts

As you may already know, social media isn't all about selling, it's about interacting and sharing inspirational content. Social media users are increasingly turning to brands accounts to ask questions and advice on their products/services. This offers businesses another valuable way of engaging and listening to their customers!


To find out more about outsourcing social media and how Booji can help, get in contact with us today!

Data Sources: SproutSocial, Hootsuite, Oberlo, Smart Insights & The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

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