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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Social media is a key part of our lives with the average adult spending between 3.5-4 hours browsing per day. This time is not only used to connect with friends but also businesses! A recent study analysing the responses of 89,029 adults found that 41% are turning to social media to research brands and products.

Running a business of any size means your time is precious and most likely this means you don’t have the time to manage all those social media networks. Let’s be really honest, do you have the time to manage even one of them?! So, what is the answer? Should you try and manage it or should you consider outsourcing?


A number of businesses pick the do-it-yourself approach, which is great so long as it’s not approached as something to do ‘as and when’. This will result in posts that are random and usually during working hours – not great to reach your audience. Some businesses only post what they want to sell – big mistake. Social media is about having a conversation with your audience and building their trust. This, if done correctly, leads to sales. “Give it to the young one!” is sadly a phrase often said when it comes to business social media, resulting in it never being the best it can be. Those 4 hours a week here and there are simply not enough to deliver the results your business deserves. While we agree with the idea that no one knows your business better than you, we ask you to question whether you can really manage your own social media. According to a Forbes article, for a medium-sized company, managing a single social platform could take roughly 32 hours a month. You’re response to this is probably, “Seriously, no way, how could I ever dedicate that much time?!”  This serious lack of time is often the driver in outsourcing any aspect of your business so why not social media? If done correctly it can:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Build relationships with customers

  • Drive traffic to your website


So after exploring the realities of in–house social media you’re probably thinking outsourcing sounds like a good option but potentially an expensive one. Sorry to burst that bubble but it’s not! Outsourcing social media at Booji can start from as little as £250 a month and for that you will get an expert dedicated to making your business shine. The main things to consider are your time, qualifications, understanding of analytics and if we’re going to be honest, your reliability. As highlighted, social media has the potential to deliver real results for your business so ask yourself this, do you really have the time and knowledge to effectively run your own social media?!


To find out more about outsourcing social media and how Booji can help, get in contact with us today!

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