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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

You're most likely asking, "what on earth is social proof?" Simply put, it means to rely on the wisdom of others when making decisions. It is the reason you read product reviews or ask your hotel concierge where to go for dinner. Whether you realise it or not you're nearly always influenced by social proof. At Booji we've created a mini guide to help you consider the best way to integrate it into your social media strategy.


They have become an ingrained aspect of online shopping, with a staggering 91% of people saying they trust them as much as personal recommendations. Your social media can therefore be used as a fantastic way to either show them off or get more! Ask for them! This may seem rather straight forward but often the best ways are. This can be approached in a number of ways for example, you can write a post discussing a specific product/service encouraging people who have used it to get in contact or write a review. Or maybe, use incentives such as prize draws or discount codes, the latter can also lead to further sales! Show them off! As we've briefly mentioned, social media is a fantastic platform to show off your reviews. This allows people to see what other people have to say, understand a more personal side of your brand and it may also encourage others to review. *Make sure you only do review chasing/showing off every now and then though! Too much can literally be too much. We can't discuss reviews without discussing negative ones. While it may seem rather daunting it is important to respond to them! Listen to what they're saying and use it as an opportunity to show off your excellent customer service. By doing so you're showing potential customers that you’re trustworthy and it encourages them to take a chance on you.


Whether you like it or not we live in a world heavily influenced by celebrities or "influencers". People strive to emulate their lives - if they own lets say pink zebra jeans they want pink zebra jeans! According to a recent study 72% of millennials are influenced by influences when making a purchase. So how can you integrate it into your social media strategy!? First of all, you need to establish whether your brand has the right target marketing for influencer marketing. If you're selling a product to millennials definitely consider it. However, if you're selling a service to people 65+ maybe consider other options. If you decide to go for it you can partner on social media posts, blog articles, videos or host account take overs. This is when an influencer literally takes over your brand's account for a day. This will encourage their existing followers over to your profile increase your reach and engagement. The key to successful influencer marketing campaigns is finding someone whose voice and values marry up with yours.


This approach encourages you to connect with your followers as well as the fantastic content they've created. By reposting a great image you're recognising your customer and showing potential new ones what it looks like in real life. It also motivates other people to mention your brand which will increase your brand's reach.


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